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Critical item you missed, although the Mac mini does have 6 processors as apposed to 4, the Mac Mini still uses the much slower Intel Graphics Chipset. You seem to forget that with the addition of thunderbolt 3 you can opt to run a external GPU box via a single cable and run any current AMD or Nvidia graphics card if campatible and be able to stay current for a number of years. As cute as the mansplanation is, it has 6 cores, not processors. Processor refers to the chip which contains processing units. GPUs do not generally have a chipset or at least an exposed chipset as they do not connect other logical devices.

Thanks for the informative response Kitty! Congratulations on the new mac. I think you made a great choice. While the 5k screen on the imac is nice, the newer guts of the mini are nicer. Hope you have great fun with it!

Video Compression Speed Test: iMac vs. Mac Mini [u]

Yes, After hearing Bryan and Dr. Still the best deal in the lineup. Looking forward to the day when I can add one to the others — five ranging from to The with SSD stands on end if you ever need extra desk space. Mac Mini was just released. Those little things always intrigued me. So in my panic with the failing battery issue, I sprang and got the top Mac mini model available near me as a last resort because I was on the road with no access to my main rig.

Working out of a hotel room with a downed machine, a less than ideal back up machine and a single 4k capable monitor on hand with very few options; it worked in a pinch. Nothing to write home about. Got it home after the job and ran some more testing I had some time in between gigs. So I returned the mini when I found a diamond in the rough I know. After making minimal ram 8 to 16 and storage upgrades gb sata ssd to gb m.

It outperformed my other mobile machines and the mac mini without breaking a sweat. Its a true consumer machine, not quite the workhorse I can rely on in the work I do. I cant expect to get by doing what I do with a Lenovo Ideapad. It's now a family laptop for day-to-day use.

Had the job paid more and offered kit rental, I probably would have lugged my actual work cart with me. If I wasn't a mile drive away from it, I probably would have just ran back home to get it in the middle of the week and save me the hassle. I couldn't predict my MBP going down when it did. My intrigue in the Mac mini was sort of deflated after. Considering the price without a screen or other peripherals being included, it just didn't suit my needs. I could not care less about platform wars I generally use a PC, occasionally a Mac, know people who use both and do good work etc etc etc , so please take this as curiosity not a gotcha: Is the perceived advantage of eGPU and other Thunderbolt pluggables that you don't have to open the box to add something?

Is it that being modular means you can change your rig for different jobs? I personally like upgrading parts as needed and consider every connection a potential point of failure, so I'm biased against the idea, but a lot of people seem to like it and I'm curious why. I just ordered an external gpu for it.

Apple Mac Mini review: back with a vengeance review | TechRadar

I was at is place over the holidays and was finishing up a project. He had the new Mac mini maxed out version. At home, I edit on a Mac Pro 5,1 cheese grater 12 core 3.

Should you Buy an iMac or Mac Mini in 2019?

The files and drives I was using at his house with the only variable being the Mac mini could not play back 4K raw video at all fps. My old machine at home plays back the files in real time without dropped frames. Point is, to say a Mac mini is a good investment for filmmakers is a joke. You are wasting money. Concerning Resolve, I think the current iMac Pro with the Vega 64 is the only real option in the Mac field right now, as the trashcan Mac Pros' video cards can't handle the NR or grain. Fingers crosses on the new Mac Pro coming out this year.

I wonder if they'll have the sense to size back up and allow internal PCI slots for graphics cards. I'm baffled how many people are loyal to the Mac. You know how much power you'd get for that if you just made the switch to PC! From a company that was caught purposely crushing their phone's life so you'd have to upgrade, I'm surprised they have any customers at all still.

I am still rocking a MacBook Pro, mid, 2. Love this machine. My old Mac Mini is in a closet somewhere, been there for years. Participating in the McDVoice online website of survey will take up just a few minute What you need to take part in the McDVoice survey. This survey is organized by McD McDonald's , can be taken www.

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Why Refurbished

Skip to main content. No Film School. January 23, The Mac Mini has long been popular with production companies as a little "do anything" device. With Thunderbolt 3, it might be the best option as a main system. Mac Mini.

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Stephen A van Vuuren Filmmaker. Jordan Parker Video Producer and Photographer. Here are the specs I want to get for the Mac Mini 3. Here are my specs: Mac Mini 6 Core 8th gen i7 3. Grayson Cape Arias Director of Photography. Not sure if you saw the same video I did.

$799 Mac mini review: Impressive multi-core performance from Apple’s most affordable Mac

On the other hand, those looking for a boost in performance on this front can always plug in an eGPU. Editing raw 4K video files and adding effects on the fly in Final Cut is impressively smooth for such a diminutive machine. Apple also showed us an interesting setup where a single Mac mini was connected via a network switch to a network cluster of five Mac minis piled on top of each other. By putting the 10Gb Ethernet port on the Mac mini if you choose that option when purchasing the Mac mini to good use, you can offload intensive processes such as rendering video to these other Mac minis.

Once setup, the tasks are completed by the other Mac minis, while the main one may be utilized for other tasks without any noticeable impact on performance. Perhaps most impressively, the stack of five Mac minis remains pretty quiet, even when working on those intensive tasks. For anyone who has used multiple PCs at once for complex projects and had to put up with the sound of fans blasting off, this is definitely a welcome solution.

We are really impressed with how the new Mac mini feels fast and responsive when running macOS Apps open and close instantaneously, and even more challenging processes, such as video transcoding, are accomplished quickly, not to mention silently. If you go for the Mac mini configuration with a hexa-core processor, expect even better results.

This is a very accomplished little machine that packs some brilliant new features and components for a level of performance that puts many other small form-factor PCs to shame.

Who is the Mac mini for?

Apple has acknowledged that the computing landscape has changed since the last Mac mini was released. Back then, the Mac mini was designed with casual users in mind and as an accessible device to win over people from Windows. With the rise of laptops and the entry-level MacBook now acting as that crossover device, Apple has pitched the Mac mini towards creatives and professionals.