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As an inspirational speaker, Burke is just that. Burke is an exceptional speaker, calm, clear and captivating. Last year, she took that style of delivery to the Late Late Show audience, with a well-received appearance on the chat show. Burke writes about fashion with a lyrical style. Before she joined Twitter four and a half years ago, she worked for An Garda Siochana as director of communications; prior to that, she had a stint with the PSNI in a similar role, and spent some time in politics.

Annie Mac Presents’s tracks

That rarely happens now. Eight years in policing has taught McSweeney that diversity is a constant theme. The company — and its new MD — is committed to supporting diversity within its ranks. Resilience and respect are the two most important things to bring to the leadership role, especially when it comes to supporting diversity and discouraging any behaviour that would threaten that, whether it is down to gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and so on.

The example comes from the top. While Twitter offers support in the form of various training — from unconscious bias to resilience training — and groups that can support different people within the workforce, McSweeney makes one important point: things start much earlier than applying for a job. That means changing the perception of careers in the tech industry, something that has been a focus in recent years. The firm was just getting established in Ireland, and Hallahan was one of the first employees through the door; there were only 24 employed at the company.

In February , she took over as managing director of Microsoft Ireland when Paul Relis stepped down from the role, adding to the ranks of tech companies that had appointed Irish women to top jobs. She has never wanted to be seen as the token women though — something she has been spoken about in the past.

And who would want to be? Everyone wants to be recognised for their own talents. She certainly has been.

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Hallahan was also sponsor for diversity and inclusion at Microsoft for the Irish operation for a number of years, so has been at the coalface, so to speak. That is something that Hallahan has been trying to push within her own organisation — having the confidence to put yourself forward, take opportunities and self promote.

With some of the biggest tech companies in the world locating their European operations here and attention turning to how data privacy was being treated, there was bound to be some difficult days ahead. The office is essentially responsible for the protection of the personal data of hundreds of millions of European citizens. No pressure there. Dixon took up the role in , when outgoing commissioner Billy Hawkes departed.

She is the first woman to hold the position. With it came a pending case by Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems over Facebook and ultimately a battle over the transfer of data between Europe and the US that led to the striking down of the Safe Harbour agreement between the two territories. But she also had an insight into how things work in multinationals, thanks to 11 years in two US multinationals based here. It makes you tired just thinking about it.

But an almost five-year stint in Google Ireland, ending with her final appointment as EMEA director of user operations led to a career with Facebook in , with Flynn joining as director for community operations. In , she took over as managing director of Facebook in Ireland, and steered the company through its years of growth here. But the lure of the more creative sector proved to have a lot more pull for Flynn.

Electro rave mix

The chance to combine a passion for music and a love for technology led to the SoundCloud move in , and a relocation to Berlin. The platform enables its users to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created content, and Flynn was tasked with growing it, much in the same way as she oversaw expansion in her previous roles. As a centre, her speed, vision, and excellent set of second-nature skills, make her a ferocious force on the pitch.

New Zealand-born, with Samoan parents, Naoupu moved to Ireland with her husband George, who played for Connacht before moving to Harlequins.

Electro rave mix

She has spoken about overcoming anorexia, and it is that mental strength that seems to typify both her personality, fitness training work, and of course her rugby. With the World Cup in Ireland this August, and plenty of eyes on the host team, Naoupu is set to shine. Keane became president of the OCI in February.

Ruth Negga Actor Irish actors have always excelled, but perhaps none in recent times with the grace and subtly of craft of Ethiopian-Irish Ruth Negga.

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So you can do your job basically. She will probably have to get used to that. She has won countless awards for her writing including Newcomer of the Year in at the Irish Book Awards and Book of the Year the following year. Who cares? Who cares about strangers? All that matters is [that] your friends and family like you. When I moved to New York, I learned very quickly that by being self-deprecating I needed to admit to myself that it was okay to be ambitious.

Maybe not. Her name now a brand. A regular across the British festival calendar, she draws big crowds at Glastonbury , and her laid back but remarkably astute selection choices endear her to a wide range of fans increasingly likely to hop from genre to genre in their fandom. Her gradual yet lofty climb through the ranks has also been typified by hard work and a top attitude. Is there a more influential Irish person working in radio anywhere in the world right now? Before those, her collaboration with Dennis Kelly birthed Pulling, and with Holly Walsh she created Dead Boss, which she also co-wrote and starred in.

But it was her teaming up with Rob Delaney for Catastrophe that brought her work to a wider audience around the world. It confirmed her status as one of the biggest talents in television and comedy in Britain, and crucially showed American audiences how to make TV about real life love. Marian Keyes Author Fifteen novels, five non-fiction books, more than 33 million copies of her books sold, Keyes is undoubtedly one of the most successful Irish writers of all time. Her honesty and strength in dealing with depression and alcoholism has inspired as much as her books are loved, and her chatty but acutely smart writing style has launched a thousand copy cats.

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This hilarious and warm banter has migrated on to Twitter, providing insights into her love of Strictly Come Dancing and restoring furniture. Later this year, she will publish a new, much anticipated novel, The Break, about a husband who ups and leaves. Her earlier work includes a sell-out Irish run of her play Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend, which also went on national tour in Bucharest, Edinburgh and Australia , and eventually became a hugely popular podcast. Farrell and McNamara co-founded Grafton Architects in the late s, and set about redefining what Irish architecture could be.

The boldness and sophistication of their designs have won prestige, awe, and fans in equal measure. Imaginative, challenging, and very often simply outstanding, their architecture dots the Irish landscape, from the Solstice Arts Centre in Navan to the University of Limerick Medical School , but it is the scale and impact of their projects abroad that has brought Grafton Architects global acclaim.

Five years ago, Cocoa Brown Tanning was still just a big idea by its creator, then beauty salon owner Marissa Carter , who came up with it while on maternity leave. The first batch was bottled in November and today, four bottles of the product are sold every minute across the globe. The next step is opening a US office in New York. Carter says mentoring from other women has been a key factor in helping her to succeed.

Her advice to other women is that you can never be over-prepared. With knowledge comes confidence — the more of an authority I am on something, the more confident I feel, and the better I deliver. Carter is aware that she has the opportunity to be a role model for her predominantly young client base, and it is not a responsibility she takes lightly.

Growing up, I think my Mum really did always try and instil in me that I was capable, above all else. The rest of her success, she admits, may be down to genes. She is also on the board of the university, chairs its academic planning and resource committee and is proud of the fact that NUIG is the only university that has consistently risen in the highly competitive World University Rankings. When interviewing prospective candidates, what does she look for?

A busy mother of four children aged from , she is married to fellow Galwegian Darren Cunningham, founder of a biotech company pioneering new ways of treating cancer. She worked her way up the ranks, creating and presenting BBC Trending, and ultimately finding herself at the forefront of its digital media offering. By , she found herself looking a for a new challenge, that would allow her to take on a more strategic role in an organisation. The job at Mashable gave her that opportunity, and she is now at the helm of a digital operation that employs Tomchak says she has been helped by both male and female mentors, but she believes women in particular can help to pave the way for one another.

Sure the internet has brought some negatives, but the positives of the digital world far outweigh them. As an identical twin, Tomchak has a broad notion of what constitutes success, and believes career advancement is not the only yardstick. After all, her previous role involved managing 27 TV brands in 18 markets, reaching more than million households. An excellent radio documentary-maker, Higgins has brought this prowess to her latest venture, an insightful and funny podcast about immigration, Maeve In America, where she again excels at storytelling. Her writing and columnising casts surreal nets on a tide of sometimes pleasantly meandering and sometimes biting one-liners, with a style lying somewhere between David Sedaris and Phoebe Robinson, but still very much all Higgins.

In an interview with Irish Times journalist Rosita Boland in November , she spoke with searing, and often uncomfortable honesty, about the struggle she faces to care for her profoundly disabled year-old daughter Siobhan. Siobhan had by then spent three years on a waiting list of 61 people for a residential care place in their native Co Wexford. Shewas the first scientist to show gene transfer between multi-cellular species. In , she set up Nuritas to develop the future of food — healthy living through functional, scientifically proven, and readily available ingredients, including things as ordinary as milk.

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