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Open the folder named Roaming and go to the. Right click and make a new folder. Name it " mods ", if one does not already exist. Running Forge once to your title screen will create the folder. Go to your download folder and copy and paste the [1. Go to your Minecraft launcher.

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Do not press play. Click it. There should be a profile named forge. Select it and press play. You should now be able to enjoy what this mod has to offer. You should see the Forge installer. Open it by double clicking, and select download client one of the little bubbles. Now go to Finder. Go up to your toolbar at the top of your screen, and select "Go.

Click this. On your Finder window, a box will be at the top. Then find the folder "Application Support". Open that, and find "minecraft". Click on this folder. In this folder, there may or may not be a "mods" folder. If there is, awesome, if there is no, create one, with the same name, case-sensitive. Running Minecraft Modded with forge will create this folder as well. Go to your downloads folder and copy and paste the [1.

There should be a profile named "Forge". After having downloaded both files, move them both from your "Downloads" folder to your Desktop, for easy access. Run your MC launcher, whether you use the command line, or an icon on your launcher. Once the launcher starts, click the button at the bottom that says "New Profile". A new window will open, and there will be a line for a name.

Name it "1.

Help/Installing the Lord of the Rings Mod

Below that, there will be a dropdown labeled "Version". Click the dropdown and select "1. Check it, and a box that was grayed out will not be. Toward the front of the bar, you will see a bit of text that looks like "Xmx1GB". Change the "1" to a "2". Click "Save Profile" at the bottom of the window.

How To Install OptiFine In Minecraft 1.7.2/1.7.4 On Mac

Make sure that the profile is selected by going to the lower left of your launcher and making sure that the name of your profile is shown. If it is not, click the dropdown and select it. Click "Play" and let MC load. Find the forge file on your Desktop and drag the icon into the terminal, right after what you typed.

Then place a. A little window will pop up. Select the "Install Client" bubble and click "Install". Let it do it's thing. It will tell you once it has been successful. Open your Minecraft launcher again. Make sure you have the profile you created earlier selected. Click "Edit Profile". Under the versions dropdown, at the bottom, there should now be a version of 1.

Select this, and then press save profile. Click "play". You can quit game once again once it has loaded. Now, open your file browser. Navigate to the "View" menu at the top of your screen, and click "Show Hidden Files". Find the ". In this folder, there should be a folder called "mods". Place the file [1. You might want to back up the "saves" folder in your ". To back it up, simply make a copy of the file on your desktop or elsewhere. To switch back to vanilla, just change your profile in the launcher so it has your MC username.

If everything worked properly, you'll see the LotR map moving around in the background, when watching the Minecraft title screen. Note : Allocating memory will require a bit version of java. The recommended amount of memory for LOTR is 2GByte, but if you are using a high resolution texture pack you should allocate more. Likewise, if your computer is limited on memory, you may want to allocate less to be sure that your operating system and other programs have enough memory.

To allocate memory for Minecraft, click on 'Edit Profile' in the lower left corner. At the bottom of that dialogue box is 'JVM Arguments'. Installer Jar 1. Installer Windows Exe : Download from Server 1. Universal: Download from Server 1 — Download from Server 2. Installer Windows Exe 1.

Minecraft Forge // for Windows & Mac

Universal 1. Installer Jar. Installer Windows Exe. Universal JAR. Files Universal Files Javadoc. Files Universal. Files Javadoc. You have to run 1. I am not sure if there is a difference between Forge working for 1. Make sure you run the version of Minecraft before you install that version of Forge. I have actually had the same problem myself and I AM running 1. Go to profile editor on your forge and set it to minecraft 1. Can anyone help me please?

I bought the Windows 10 beta of Minecraft for my grandson. I have a Windows 10 laptop that I am letting him use. Now he wants to use the Lucky Block mod. Is there any way to load it with this version?

How to install minecraft forge for mac

If so, how can I accomplish it? Any help and guidance would be appreciated. I am running MC 1. However I still cannot load any Mods into MC for some reason. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a url to a video tutorial or something?

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Any solution? Minecraft Forge 1. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Download minecraft forge. Save old profile. Once there drag and drop these files and folders to your desktop.

Then blow everything else away in the directory. Create forge profile. Latest Installer Jar 1. Installer Jar Universal. Universal Installer.

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